Step One And The Concept Of Powerlessness

NA defines powerlessness as “the inability to control one’s life.” This definition implies that someone is powerless if they cannot control their drug use, but it doesn’t specify what happens after they stop using drugs. The group has a lot of information online about its history and philosophy. To recognize powerlessness over your addiction is to face the reality that you don’t have the self-control, discipline, or power to stop your addiction on your own. Usually this is highlighted by continuing addictive behaviors despite (sometimes severe) consequences for your actions. Maybe you’ve violated your personal values in your addiction, or you’ve gone further or deeper than you expected you would.

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Power is a broad concept that is used in many contexts, including sociological and psychological realms. The term power has become so expanded and widely used that some believe it has lost strength in its use and value. Diverse conceptualizations of the power construct exist, which are based on the differing theories and philosophies that are present in research and literature. Power may be described as the ability or practice of exerting control over others or as the capability to influence others. Power is also presented as an innate ability to take action to make changes in one’s life or in a community, nation, or the world.

Developing Trust and Surrender

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Bad leaders do not typically wake up one morning and say, “Golly gee, I’ve been bad. I need to change my ways.” They will stop being bad only if someone else or something else stops them. And if nothing stops them how am i powerless over alcohol and no one stops them, they will go from bad to worse. I do talk about four stages or phases in my book, and I might add that the more time goes by and the worse they get, the more difficult they become to uproot.

  • Addiction can create a false sense of invincibility, leading individuals to believe they are immune to consequences and can handle any situation.
  • Thus, the dimension surrounding power and disability may put people in positions of needing help while also feeling resistant to accept help from others.
  • Do not assume that what happened in 2022 is going to be the same thing that’s happening in 2024 or 2026.

Create A Powerlessness List

powerlessness examples

In this context, it means that someone feels like they don’t have any control over their life. They may feel like they have little choice but to continue using drugs or alcohol because they lack alternatives. In its simplest terms, the First Step centers on the addict being able to truly admit their lives have become dysfunctional due to their substance use. By admitting powerlessness, the addict acknowledges there is an obsessive/compulsive nature with drug and alcohol use.

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How to cultivate moral resilience instead..

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What is Step 1 in AA?

  • By accepting that you’re powerless over alcohol, drugs or addictive behavior, you’ve come to terms with your personal limitations.
  • I had truly become powerless over the choices I was making on my parallel roads to self-destruction and service to humanity.
  • Most recovering addicts, especially those who attend the 12-step program, are pretty familiar with the concept of powerlessness.
  • That said, it’s incumbent on Northwestern to ensure no further harassment of Jewish students is tolerated.

By recognizing the lack of control over addiction, individuals can begin to explore alternative paths towards recovery. We’ve had good reasons to quit for good, and we continued drinking or using drugs anyway. This understanding of the word obsession explains why we keep going back to pick up the first drink or drug.

Foucault’s contention was that people in power roles, such as psychologists, use their positions to oppress individuals who diverge from the norm. When you admit that you are powerless to addiction, you are empowered to reach out for support. By admitting that your life has become unmanageable, you open yourself up to letting go of control and gain acceptance of yourself. Understanding powerlessness in sobriety can help you manage your addiction. By relinquishing control over your addiction, you are now free to get help and support from others.

Addictions and Power

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